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About.com Style

Details about the awards for style.

Baby Clothes

Best brands, stores and clothes for babies, girls and boys.

Hair Removal

Products in these categories got our readers' votes for Best of 2011:
  • Laser/IPL-at-Home Device
  • Women's Razor
  • Women's Shaving Cream
  • Hair Removal Cream
  • Ingrown Hair Product
  • Epilator
  • Tweezers


Readers voted for their favorite budget makeup in the following categories:
  • Budget Mascara
  • Budget Lip Gloss
  • Budget Mature Foundations
  • Budget Tinted Moisturizers
  • Budget Lipstick
  • Budget Eyeshadow
  • Budget Nail Polish
  • Budget Lip/Eye Liners

Men's Fashion and Grooming

This year, readers chose their favorite:
  • Men's Underwear
  • Men's Polo Shirt
  • Men's Facial Moisturizer
  • Men's Facial Cleanser
  • Men's Fragrance

Men's Hair

Our readers picked their favorite:
  • Men's Styling Product
  • Men's Daily Shampoo
  • Men's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  • Men's Conditioner
  • Razor
  • Shaving Cream
  • Aftershave Balm
  • American Barbershop
  • Male Celebrity Haircut

Plus-Size Fashion

Our readers have spoken! Here are their favorites in:
  • Best Full-Figured Sports Bra
  • Best Plus-Size Designer
  • Best Plus-Size Model
  • Best Wide-Foot Shoe Shop
  • Best Plus-Size Online Deals
  • Best Extended Size Jeans
  • Best Etsy Shop with Plus Offerings
  • Best Plus-Size Fashion Magazine
  • Best Plus Multibrand Vendor


Our readers voted for their favorites in the following categories:
  • Best Online Shoe Store
  • Best Shoe Store for Bargain-Hunters
  • Best Place to Buy Designer Shoes
  • Best Comfort Shoe Brand
  • Best Men's Shoe Brand
  • Best Women's Shoe Brand
  • Best Kids' Shoes
  • Best Boots
  • Best Flip-Flops
  • Best Women's Shoe Designer

Skin Care

Our readers have spoken! The following products get their vote for best...
  • Budget Sunscreen
  • Budget Wrinkle Reversing Product
  • Budget Facial Moisturizer
  • Budget Body Lotion
  • Budget Sunless Tanning Product
  • Budget Acne Line
  • Budget Eye Cream
  • Green Drugstore Line
  • Indie Skin Care Line
  • Beauty Blog

Womens' Fashion

See what our readers voted for in the following categories:
  • Best Jeans
  • Best Skinny Jeans
  • Best Jeans Under $50
  • Best Jeans Over $100
  • Best Tummy-Trimming Jeans
  • Best Jeans for Over 40
  • Best Shapewear
  • Best Shaping Camisole
  • Best Shaping Brief
  • Best Shaping Tights

Women's Hair

Our readers voted for their picks for best...
  • Flat Iron
  • Hair Dryer
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Spray
  • Volumizing Product
  • Smoothing Product
  • Curly Hair Product
  • Short Hair Product
  • Celebrity Hair

DIY Fashion

Our readers picked their favorites:
  • Best Crafty Magazine
  • Best DIY Fashion Book of 2010
  • Favorite Handmade Artisan: Handmade Jewelry
  • Favorite Handmade Artisan: Original Clothing Design
  • Favorite Handmade Artisan: Geek Craft
  • Favorite Handmade Artisan: Knit Designs
  • Favorite Handmade Artisan: Crochet Designs
  • Favorite Fashion Blog
  • Favorite Crafty Blog
  • Best Online Handmade Marketplace

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