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As part of About.com's 2011 Readers' Choice Awards, Guides from the Hobbies and Home and Garden channels looked for your favorites in a variety of Hobby and Home categories. Winners have been announced! Follow the links below to see the winners in each category.

Beadwork Awards

    See the RCA winners in Beadwork for:
  • Best Beading Book
  • Best Bead Show
  • Best Beading Magazine
  • Best Online Source for Seed Beads
  • Best Online Source for Swarovski Crystals
  • Best Online Source for Vintage Beads
  • Best Online Source for Specialty Beads
  • Best Beading Teacher
  • Best Bead Shop (not online)

Board and Card Games Awards

    See the RCA winners in Board and Card Games For:
  • Best Local Game Store
  • Best Online Game Store
  • Best Strategy Game of 2010
  • Best Party Game of 2010
  • Best Family Game of 2010
  • Best Children's Game of 2010

Collectibles Awards

    Vote for Your Collectibles Favorites For:
  • Best Place to Shop Online for Antiques and Collectibles
  • Best Place Online to Sell Vintage Collectibles
  • Favorite TV Shows for Collectors
  • Favorite Vintage Pottery Company

Contests and Sweepstakes Awards

    See the RCA Winners in Contests and Sweepstakes For:
  • Best Form-Filling Program
  • Blog that Offers the Best Contests
  • Most Exciting Sweepstakes of 2010

Freebies Awards

    See the RCA winners in Freebies for:
  • Best Website to Find Free Music
  • Best Website to Play Free Online Games
  • Best Website to Watch Free Movies
  • Best Website to Download Free Ringtones
  • Best Website to Watch TV for Free
  • Best Website to Download Free Ebooks
  • Best Website to Get Free Computer Wallpaper
  • Best Website to Send Text Messages for Free

Knitting Awards

    See the RCA winners in Knitting For:
  • Best Wool Yarn
  • Best Cotton Yarn
  • Best Sock Yarn
  • Best Knitting Needles
  • Best Knitting Book of 2010

Manga Awards

    See the RCA Winners in Manga For:
  • Best New Manga of 2010
  • Best New Shojo (Girls) Manga
  • Best New Shonen (Boys) Manga
  • Best New Seinen/Josei (Men/Women) Manga: Drama/Action
  • Best New Seinen/Josei (Men/Women) Manga: Comedy/Slice of Life
  • Best New All-Ages Manga
  • Best New International Manga
  • Best New Boys Love / Yaoi Manga
  • Best New One-Shot Manga
  • Best New Art Book / Anthology

Miniatures Awards

    See the RCA winners in Miniatures For
  • Best Dolls House Kit
  • Best Miniature Technique or Project Book
  • Best Blogger - Dolls House or Miniatures Blog

Painting Awards

    See the RCA winners in Painting for:
  • Best Oil Paint
  • Best Acrylic Paint
  • Best Watercolor Paint
  • Best Pastels
  • Best Brush
  • Best Art Paper
  • Best Instructional Painting Book
  • Best Art Magazine
  • Best Fine Art Book

Photography Awards

    See the RCA Winners in Photography For:
  • Best New Camera of 2010
  • Best Free Photo Editing Software
  • Best Paid Photo Editing Software
  • Best Photo Sharing Website
  • Best Photo Accessory 2010

Pool and Patio Award Winners

Best Decking Best Hot Tub / Spa Best Outdoor Patio Furniture Best Pool Cleaner / Vacuum Best Pool Test Kit / Strips

Pottery Awards

    See the RCA Winners in Pottery For:
  • Best Commercial Low-Fire Clay Body
  • Best Commercial Mid-Range Clay Body
  • Best Commercial Low-Fire Glaze
  • Best Commercial Mid-Range Glaze
  • Best Underglaze Product
  • Best Pottery Tool
  • Best Pottery Wheel
  • Best Overall Pottery Book
  • Most Inspiring Pottery Book
  • Best Pottery Magazine

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