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About.com presents: RSS Explained
What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", and is a protocol that websites use to distribute their content. Websites that use RSS create special files, called "feeds", that are updated periodically to contain the site's latest information.

What is RSS used for?

Using RSS feeds is an easy, efficient way to keep track of when a site adds new content. Instead of checking Site A, Site B, and Site C every day to see if there's anything new, you can subscribe to each site's RSS feed and will be instantly notified by your RSS Reader when new content is added.

What is an RSS Reader?

An RSS Reader is an application you use to view RSS feeds. Similar to how an email application can gather messages from multiple email accounts, an RSS Reader gathers feeds from multiple sites so you can view them in one location.

There are two types of RSS Readers: Web Readers and Desktop Readers. The difference between the two is fairly minimal. The main advantage of Web Readers is that they store all of your subscribed feeds on the internet, so you can access them on any computer. On the other hand, Desktop Readers download subscribed feeds to your hard drive, so you can view them even if you don't have an internet connection.

Where can I get an RSS Reader?

FeedDemon (Windows) and NewsFire (Mac) are popular readers that are available for free. Our Experts have written plenty about other readers if you would like more options.

Once you select an RSS Reader, you can start subscribing to site feeds.

How do I subscribe to a site's feed?

If a feed exists for a site, many modern browsers will display an RSS icon (RSS icon) in the right corner of the location bar. Also, most sites display an RSS icon somewhere on the page. Clicking on either of these icons will allow you to subscribe to the site's feed.

If you scroll to the bottom of any About.com site homepage and look to the right, you will see our RSS icon. Clicking on this icon will take you to a page with links to four different feeds. Each About.com site offers RSS feeds for the site's latest headlines, hottest articles, and most popular articles. In addition, you can also subscribe to About Today, which is a daily-updated feed of interesting articles from the entire About.com network. If you use My Yahoo! or My AOL, there are special links that will add the selected feed directly to your Reader. Otherwise, click on the "RSS" link. Depending on which browser you use, you will either be prompted to add the feed to your default RSS Reader or you will have to copy the URL and enter it manually into your RSS Reader.

Where can I get more information?

Many About.com Experts have written articles about RSS. Here are two of the best:

If you would like more information about RSS from a developer's or blogger's point of view, check out these articles:

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RSS Terms of Use

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